Anonymous asked:

i hate you, i love you but i wanted to do like you did and i burnt my last past copybooks, but at the end the fire was not totally out i thought it was and now i have three fingers burnt... because of oyu. you can say it's not because of you but yes it is you influence us to do stupid things we will have never done

y-oungsoul answered:

I know it is easy for me to influence people but in the end it is your choice weather you are smart enough to do the same thing. I will not change my life now because of my follower amount and you cant make me feel shit about that.. It was your choice to start that fire and it was you who didnt put it out. I had nothing to do with that and I put my fire out correctly, you cant blame me because you weren’t careful. Im really sorry to hear that about your fingers though… what exactly do you mean by burnt..?